Steve Hughes, Australia’s straight-talking comedian’s, new material is truly borderline… but only about topics that never used to be considered offensive or provocative. Come check it out, “While It’s Still Legal”.

Often referred to as the Heavy Metal Comedian, Hughes was doing offensive before it was cool. He offers a blunt, yet understandable assessment of life; taking aim at the ever-growing number of senseless thoughts and actions bestowed on us by today’s society.

Well-known for his straight-forward take on the world, delivered with a twist of sarcasm that lightens the load that some may find offensive, Hughes offers humorous views on everything from politics and governance, music and the arts, culture and society, as well as the odd quirks and contradictions of the politically correct, social justice warriors and the new millennial outrage culture.

Whilst taking jabs at the easily offended appears all too often in many standup bits, the difference in Hughes’ delivery is clearly evident, his take extremely intelligent and most of all, hilarious.



A born performer, and a very talented and creative person in general, much of Hughes’ material touches on his interests in life, which makes his telling somewhat endearing, that is until those warm thoughts are crush by bleak reality as he confidently dares to say all the awkward and obvious things that people aren’t allowed to hear anymore.

Generally known as a comedian in the U.K., those in Australia may also know him as the founder and drummer of the first trash metal band in the country, Slaughter Lord. The band had a short, but dramatic impact on the growth of the genre in Australia, and following their time in the limelight he went on to play in two more bands, Mortal Sin and Nazxul.

The comedian’s creative career also includes credits for onscreen productions such as Australia’s The Comedy Channel’s Cracker Night, the short film Brainless Killers, the game show Good News Week, the 2014 documentary film Metal Down Under: A History Of Australian Heavy Metal. He also presented hard rock VJ on MTV Australia back in the 90’s.

Trying his hand at standup comedy, Hughes quickly experienced worldwide success. His performances have taken him to all of the major comedy festivals including The Edinburgh Comedy Festival, The Hull Comedy Festival, the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and The Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Boasting witty, sharp and dry sarcasm, together with natural abilities in front of the camera, Hughes was a perfect fit for British TV. He appeared in series such as Standup For the Week, The Michael MacIntyre Comedy Roadshow, Dave’s One Night Stand, and perhaps most notably, Live at the Apollo.

With such extensive work in the comedy industry, Hughes has cemented his popularity as a solid A-list comic who pushes the boundaries of offensive and funny with his unique take on life.


Steve Hughes, Youtube Live at the Apollo.


The S.E.A dates are part of a larger worldwide tour; a tour that was born all the way back in 2014 with the announcement of his new show, While It’s Still Legal. The show sold out venues and festivals and as a result, demand was high for it to be taken on the road domestically and internationally. Finally, albeit a few years down the line, Hughes will bringing the controversial set to Asia for the very first time.

A true pioneer of borderline humour, Hughes will no doubt receive a warm welcome from both the expat and local communities during his Asian tour. If you’re interested in seeing his latest material, or heck, you just fancy a night out that promises hours of laughter; check out the dates below to find out when he’s performing in each city.

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Steve Hughes S.E.A Tour Dates & Tickets

Hong Kong
Venue: Take Out Comedy Club. 34 Elgin Street, Soho
– Friday 20th September – 20:00
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Tokyo, Japan
Venue: 5 Chome-32-5 Daizawa, Setagaya City
– Thursday 24th September – 19:00
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Bangkok, Thailand
Venue: The Westin Grande Hotel, Sukhumvit
– Friday 27th September – 20:30
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Phuket, Thailand
Venue: The Marriot Resort & Spa, Patong
– Tuesday October 1st – 20:00
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Venue: Merry Lion Comedy Club, 8B Circular Road, Level 3
– Friday 4th October – 20:00
– Saturday 5th October – 20:00
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Saigon (HCMC), Vietnam
Venue: Caravelle, 19-23 Lam Son Square, District 1
– Tuesday 8th October – 20:00
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